Upcoming Event: Trunk Show at ARO in Austin TX by Rebecca Plante

Austinites! Join us this Saturday for a trunk show at one of Austin's most inspiring locally owned stores, aro. We'll be debuting some of our hand-cyanotyped pieces there (including the larkspur dress and fleur skirt). Plus, there will be drinks, snacks, and 15% off aro's stock of drool-worthy jewelry, home goods, and gifts. 

Note that this will be in aro's new, sunny storefront on South Lamar. Now's the time to come check it out, if you haven't yet! 

2324 South Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX, 78704

Hope to see you there!

We Made Cyanotypes! by Rebecca Plante

Part of our Fall Collection this year features a very special fabric treatment; Cyanotyping, or "sun printing," an early form of photography that's now popular amongst children and art nerds. (I fall into the latter category.) The multi-step process results in vivid, highly detailed blue prints, which we've used in a trio of garments. 

Although the results are easy and breezy, the cyanotype process is.... involved, to say the least, especially when it comes to fabric. (Normally, cyanotyping is done on paper, although it can be applied to any porous surface, from wood to clay to my bathroom tiles).

All of these blue garments started out with just pure white silk, and fresh flowers. The floral designs you see on these pieces are exposed from negatives, which were scanned from real wildflowers I found in my neighborhood in Austin, Texas. (#wildflowergameonpoint.) 

The magic happens through many stages of scanning, printing transparencies, mixing and applying photo solutions, and exposing in sunlight (through a process of trial and error).  

A lot can go wrong during cyanotyping! Humidity can spoil the blue color. A cloudy day can result in underexposure. A leaf can fall on your print and ruin everything. But there's nothing more satisfying than dunking your exposed fabric in water and revealing a perfect, rich blue and a crisp, white flower arrangement. 

larkspur dress plante

We hope you love these garments and appreciate the magic of cyanotyping as much as we do. 



Charleston Fashion Week in Pictures by Rebecca Plante

Here's a look back at our fantastic experience at Charleston Fashion week. The photos below show our process backstage, from waiting for our models to arrive, right up to that heart-stopping moment before they go onto the runway! 

Click through to see all of our AW15 runway looks, via the official CFW photographer, HeadShotsCharleston.com. These pieces will be available for preorder in the Plante shop later this week!


Charleston, Fashion Week, & Going Home by Rebecca Plante

Leah and I are just coming home from a magical week in Charleston, where we enjoyed perfect spring weather, home cooked meals, and being with our family. We were raised in Charleston, and it always feels good to go back. It's a little unsettling sometimes to see how much has changed since our last visit. Since this time last year, we noticed that an open field we used to walk through in our neighborhood has now become a construction site. Five loaves had a menu redesign. Oh, and the Charleston airport is undergoing a complete overhaul! These changes make us feel out of touch with our home, but they're also signifiers of progress and economic growth, which we can appreciate. One change that we can totally get behind is the growth of Charleston Fashion Week

Last year, when we competed in (and won!) the emerging designer competition, it was a wonderful event, and we were honored to be a part of it. Somehow, this year was even bigger and better. The crowd seemed to have grown, the backstage process was even more streamlined, and the emerging designer talent was STUNNING. I don't know how, but CFW stepped up their game. Stay tuned over the week to see the next shows! We'll be posting our runway images soon! 

Trunk Show on 2/21 @ Jill Lindsey, Brooklyn by Rebecca Plante

Join us next Saturday for a trunk show at Jill Lindsey! We'll be bringing in old stock, new stock, and one-of-a-kind samples for you to peruse. We'll also have botanical themed drinks and sweet treats. Come say hi, and check out the amazing store we'll be camping out in. Part coffee shop, part boutique, and part florist, Jill Lindsey is a joy for all five senses. We hope to see you there!

Travel Diary: Paris by Rebecca Plante

I was lucky to get a chance to visit Paris last month. It was my first time, and it was EVEN MORE MAGICAL THAN I HAD HOPED. There was one moment when a man started playing an accordion on the metro in a beret, while I was eating a crusty french sandwich. What!

I spent most of my trip wandering around outside, and I snapped photos of anything particularly inspiring that I came across. Have a look! 

Street Art

Street Art is everywhere in Paris! The good kind. Stencils, posters, and even mixed media pieces. (See photo #4: that figure is in a cloud of glitter.)


Flea Market of Saint-Ouen 

This flea market really felt like the manifestation of some shopping wish-fulfillment fever dream. Just endless rows of antiques and treasures. The market's spread throughout a few unique little booth neighborhoods, each with a totally distinct atmosphere.




Wes Anderson's natural history museum. 170 years old, and it shows in the best ways. 



Plante in Paris

Post by Becky Plante