Chokers Forever / by Rebecca Plante

western choker.jpg

Let’s talk about chokers.

gold choker with rings.jpg

 More accurately, let's talk about how much I love chokers. Lately, I've been buying up vintage ones online and amassing a nice collection. Yesterday my friend Lindsay and I went to the the beautiful, decaying North Charleston Naval Base where our high school was located, and took a few photos of some choice pieces. I think my favorite is the black velvet ribbon with tiny opalescent stones and beadwork. 


Why are chokers my new favorite thing?

They are a little nostalgic. They add a hint of the badass while accentuating a feminine feature. They are 100% flattering. And they are a nice break from the monotony of the long, thin chains and various pendant attachments that have dominated my jewelry box for the last 100 years.

Plus, there are so many beautiful options available!

Clockwise from left to right: Aessa, Allsaints, TopShop, Pamela Love, Unknown

In conclusion, Kate Moss. 

Forever the queen of chokers, and an inspiration to us all. 

Forever the queen of chokers, and an inspiration to us all.