Pop-up Shop: Antoinette Brooklyn by Rebecca Plante

Join us for a one-day in store event at antoinette! We'll be in the shop from noon to 4pm with drinks, fresh spring pieces, and several seasons of samples up to 80% off! (We're doing a little spring cleaning!)

We're pumped to spend the day at one of Brooklyn's cutest boutiques, and we hope to see you there! 

Featured Stockist: Koan, NYC by Rebecca Plante

Have you heard of Koan? Not only is it one of our newest stockists, it's also one of New York's newest shopping destinations. Koan officially unveiled their charming East Village location just a few weeks ago, and we're pleased to be included in their eclectic selection of offerings. Read on for an interview with the shop owner to learn just what Koan is all about!

Tell us a little about your shop! What inspired you to open it? What kinds of goodies can we expect to find there?

There wasn't much forethought actually. The opportunity came up to acquire a little retail space in the East Village and I said, why not. I wanted a space that was creative, fun, pleasing to the senses, playful and unpretentious.

So I went about trying to fill the space with things that would make people smile - new & vintage clothes, gifts, unique design items, art from local artists and artisans, practical yet quirky household items. For the gifts section, I wanted it to be a place that you would stop in to buy a little present for a friend you were going to meet. And I also wanted to fill the space ultimately with items that you couldn't find in every other store, items that have the power to inspire and that are more thoughtful about the world - whether that means in the style of an item, or the ethos of the company, or the materials used (or not used) in the manufacturing process. So we have a focus on recycled items, upcycled items, items whose design have a purpose or a meaning, companies that donate to related charities. For example, we carry this awesome brand of sunglasses called Article One that donates a portion of its profits to provide Vitamin A supplements to children to prevent poor eyesight and blindness. 

Article One sunglasses. Image via Koan Instagram

Article One sunglasses. Image via Koan Instagram

What's your typical shopper like?

We are still trying to figure that out. I think we cater to millennials, artists, young professionals, but also people who have lived in the neighborhood for a long time, who still have a sense of community and really want to know the small businesses in the area. They are really great and super supportive of our endeavor. 

How would you describe your personal style? 

I wouldn't. I don't want to be pinned down in terms of a brand, label or style and I don't necessarily want that for my store either. I wanted to create a space that is undefined but still appealing and full of surprises. I'm still trying to see if that's possible...

What three things in your wardrobe do you wear most?

Long loose black dresses, boyfriend jeans, oversized black shirts. pretty nondescript and not particularly stylish admittedly. (Ed. note: I think a black tee and boyfriend jeans is a classically cool look!) 

Personally, I love shopping. For clothes, of course, but I also have a weakness for plants, old books, and makeup. When you're shopping for yourself, what do you have the most fun looking for?

I love stationery stores, but that's not related to my store really. but i also love cute, precious items that you can put on your dresser or display on your shelf.  

You've probably been busy getting the shop ready for it's official opening. Now that it's happened, are you able to take a rest, or do you have more big projects scheduled?

Both. I just have to find the time - there's always a million little things that need to be taken care of before i can even start on the big projects. 

You can find Koan and the treasures within at 117 East 7th St. in NYC. Drop by for a spur-of-the-moment gift, something to brighten up your desk, or something totally unexpected. Happy Shopping!

Plante SS16 Inspiration by Rebecca Plante

Summer is in full swing! And it's hot. With highs over 100 every day here in Austin, and nearly as high in NYC, Leah and I have been looking back wistfully on our SS16 photoshoot, which took place on a blustery, overcast afternoon in San Francisco. Check out the photoshoot for our collection- Can't you just feel that cool wind?

Photos by Ashley Wood

Photos by Ashley Wood


Our look book perfectly captures summer as we wish it was- dreamy, serene, and full of the beauty of nature. Take a peek at some of the images that inspired our SS16 look! We were feeling botanical silhouette appliques, earthy pastels, and light, loose garments. 

All images via Pinterest

Brooklyn Babes Sale on Garmentory by Rebecca Plante

Hey fun news! All month, we'll be taking part in the Brooklyn Babes sale on Garmentory. We've teamed up with some of our all-time favorite labels, including Carleen, Cold Picnic, Dusen Dusen, Kordal, Samantha Pleet, and Wray, for a special sale with everything up to 75% off.

We're new to selling on Garmentory, but not to shopping on it. We couldn't be more pumped to join the roster- it's a who's who of indie boutiques and emerging designers! 

As a fun bonus, Garmentory also put together a photoshoot and city guide with input from all the babes. Go here to read about where to eat, people-watch, and explore in Brooklyn, according to some very cool gals. 

Holiday Gift Guide // Gifts for the gals! by Rebecca Plante

'Tis the season... for gift guides! If you're still searching for the perfect gift for your office buddy, bff, lil sis, or any gal in your life, then search no more. We've rounded up some of the most giftable gems online this season to share with you. Any of these will make you a gift-giving hero!

For Your Boss: Candlefish Jar Candle, $22  Pick from ONE HUNDRED heavenly scents in the Candlefish library. Our current favorite?  No. 76, 6, Key lime, orange blossom and sweet almond cream.

For Your Dearest Friend (Or maybe just yourself): Three Tier Bracelet by Air Line Color, $800+ We're completely smitten with Air Line Color's "On Display" collection. Go look at it now. And then again, every day this week, because you can't stop thinking about it. 

For any gal pal: Organic Rose Simple Syrup by Oak and Salt, $12  It's beautiful, delicious, American-made, and only $12. OR, get a case of 6 and give one to any friend you want to show a little love!

For your fashion friend: Aster Dress, $155  Our black chiffon Aster dress is on sale! With it's open cut and adjustable waist ties, this dress is an easy fit, and so fun to wear.

For your Mom: Weekly Flower Share by Flowershop, $20/share   If you have a mom who lives in Charleston, consider a weekly gift of fresh flowers! For only $20 a share, she can pick up a bundle of fresh, fragrant blooms from one of Charleston's sweetest florists. 

For an artist: Venus Planter by Brooklyn Global, $50   Your friend will never take a boring shelfie again with this Roman bust planter.

For your sister: Xenia Taler Swan Tumbler, $18  Get your sis a cute tumbler like this that she can use every day! She'll think of you each time she uses it.